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Box Breaks and Highlights

2012 Breaks:
2 boxes of Justice League Archives- Zatanna and Green Lantern Sketches
3 boxes of Star Wars Rise of the Bounty Hunters- 5 sketches including two Animator Sketches
2 boxes of Marvel Universe 2011- 2 sketches Mighty Muggs Kraven and Giganthus
6 boxes of Marvel Greatest Heroes- Capt America Sketch, Iron Man sketch, Human Torch sketch, Quicksilver sketch, Spiderwoman Sketch, Brother Voodoo sketch
1 box of Star Wars ESB 3D- Darth Vader sketch
2 boxes of Smallville Season 7-10- Justin Hartley Auto, Aaron Ashmore Auto, 10 relics
1 binder of Smallville Season 7-10- Clark Black Shirt Relic /500
2 boxes of UFC 2010- Baroni Red Auto /15, Rich Franklin Auto, Chuck Liddell Relic 2 Color
3 boxes of Mars Attacks Heritage- 3 sketches including 2 limited to 100 by Jeremy Treece and Art Grafunkel, one gold parallel
1 box of Big Bang Theory Season 1-2-Leonard 2 Color relic
1 binder of Big Bang Theory Season 1-2- Shelden Pajamas Relic /500
1 box of Marvel Bronze Age- Unknown Character sketch EL
3 boxes of 12-13 OPC Hockey- Alexander Ovechkin buyback Auto 06/22(HUGE HIT), Nick Foligno Auto
5 boxes of True Blood- Jessica Hamby Auto, Lafayette Auto, 2 Shadowboxes of Eric and Sam
4 boxes of Thor Movie- 3 mediocre sketches, near complete relic set including two Portman Relics
1 box of Thor Movie retail- base and inserts YAY!
5 boxes of Avengers Kree Skrull War- Black Printing Plate of Vision's Foot, a lot of base and inserts
1 set of 2010/11 Score Rookie and Traded Hockey- 2 crappy autos, a few gold parallels
2 boxes of US Olympic Hopefuls- a lot of blecch but my girlfriend is happy!
1 box of Star Wars Galaxy 5- 2 sketches including one Manga sketch of Jango Fett, Yoda parallel
4 boxes of Captain America Movie- 4 relatively bleh sketches, 2 relics from the actual relic set, Carter and Red Skull
1 box of Dexter Season 4- two meh relics
2 boxes of 10-11 Panini Luxury Suite Hockey- damaged Ryan McDonagh 2 Color Auto Rookie Patch
2 boxes of 09-10 OPC Hockey- a lot of inserts, parallels
2 boxes of 10-11 OPC Hockey- a lot of inserts, parallels and meh auto
3 blasters of 09-10 OPC Hockey- a lot of inserts, parallels
3 blasters of 10-11 OPC Hockey-  a lot of inserts, parallels
1 boxed set of 09-10 OPC Update- five meh metal parallels
2 boxes of 08-09 OPC Update Hockey- Wayne Gretzky Team Canada Retro Parallel(MONSTER HIT), a lot of inserts, parallels
1 box of DC New 52- Deadshot Sketch
1 binder of DC New 52- Promo Set
2011 Breaks:
Case of Justice League America- Highlights being one Andy Price sketch, one Warren Martineck
3 boxes of Justice League Archives- Superman sketch, two Wonder Woman sketches by Pat Broderick and Andy Price
8 boxes of Upper Deck UNC Basketball- 2 Jordan Parallels /50, a smatter of Autos highlight being Larry Brown, a load of SPs, lenticulars
1 box of 06-07 Beehive Hockey- BLEH!
2 boxes of VS System Superman 1st Edition- boatload of foils and rares
1 pack of VS System Superman 1st Edition- Superman foil
1 pack of VS System DC Origins- meh
2 blasters of 08-09 Press Pass Basketball-inserts including a couple Derrick Rose inserts
1 blaster of 09-10 Panini Adrenlyn XL- smattering of inserts and parallels
3 boxes of UFC 2010- GSP Auto, Velasquez Auto, 2 Couture Relics, 1 Jon Jones Relic
5 boxes of 2006 Razor Poker retail- 5 horrible autographs